Monday, June 27, 2011

Fluo Summer

 I've never been a nail polish addict but since this spring, when all the new fluo colour came out, I must say, I'm becoming one!
Before I only wore some nail polish once in a while but never really cared so much. I didn't even enjoyed as much, maybe because I didn't try "strage" colours.
Of course I still have my ups and down but when I see a new colour I'm always tempted to buy it!
So a few weeks ago I went out with Valentina to buy some more!!!
I'm so happy with the colours I got. I don't like to be monocromatic so I love combining the bright colours of a polish with maybe a softer dress or even just a different bright coloured dress!

 The picture lacks of my last nail polish. It's a sort of yellow/senape like colour. My mum got it but then relised she didn't really enjoyed it on herself and asked me if I wanted it. I did but I forgot it at my parent's bad!!!
Still, I have plenty of colours myself so it's not like my nails are suffering to much!
The summer coloured polishes I have are from different brands: KIKO, Ulta and essie. All of them are quite quick to dry, which is something I love about them. I can't stand it when I have to wait too long 'cause I always end up causing a mess.

These colours really light up these days 'cause I'm a little trapped at home because of exams. Outside the weather is so sunny and at least like this I bring some summer inside my flat!
When my flatmates come to my room they're always hypnotised by my new polishes!! I like sharing them so it's not a problem. It can be so much fun!

But know tell me about your favourite colours. Do you always wear polish?
Any suggesions?

xxo Fiammetta


  1. un dito diverso dall'altro in gradazione?

  2. I actually saw a girl doing it once and if you find the right combination it can really be so much fun :)
    Perfect for this summer!

  3. CUTE! I gotta try the Essie ones! I din't know bout your's adorable! :)

  4. Thanks!
    And, yeah, you definitely should try them!