Friday, June 24, 2011

Road Trip: Puglia

Last July I decided to make a little road trip with my boyfriend through Italy.

We started from Milan, where I study, and then took the highway along the Adriatic sea. The landscape was marvelous and we stopped in breathtaking places.

The first stop was Riccione. But we just spent one night there since we wanted to go far south and didn't have to much time to do it.
We had a nice "piadina" though! (Typical meal that
consists of a pita-bread like base, filled with ingredients of a huge variety you can choose from and then rolled, heated and ready to eat!)


After that, our next stops have been Vieste and Porto Cesareo. In fact, we spent 3 days around Puglia and visited the two main areas: Gargano and Salento, both gorgeous.

I really wanted to spend a night in a "trullo", a typical structure people of the place build as houses. They can be really really small as well (only one main room!)

Anyway, I searched and searched untill I finally found a nice hotel that, other than the usual rooms, also had the possibility to let you stay in the trullo! I loved it!
We had our own trullo. I felt like in a fairytale since even though they can be spaciuous in the inside, trullos seam to be drawn more from a novelist rather than an architect!

I really suggest you all a trip in Puglia, it's a beautiful region of Italy. You can tell by yourself taking a look at these pics I took one day at the sea-side there! 

A really small bay we found

The view while driving
  What are you planning for this summer? Everything planned or still working on it?

xxo Fiammetta


  1. what is the name of the hotel, do you remember? it could be interesting if you let us know about hotels and restaurants. Also what is the exact location of that beach?

  2. Sure!

    The hotel name was "Masseria Selvaggi". It was in Ceglie Messapica, in the province of Brindisi.
    This is their website if your interested:

    As for the beach, it was near Vieste. Along the "Statale". We just drove around and found it so I can't really tell where exactly it was, sorry!