Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pretty Woman

A scene from the movie
One of my favourite movies of all times is "Pretty Woman". The all movie is amazing to me. Every scene has its reason to be there, simply love it.
I guess Vivian is a modern Cinderella, with all the due differences of course!

In the end, for the first time Edward (Richard Gere) treats Vivian (Julia Roberts) as a prostitute she tells him. And when he asks her what she really wants for herself she tells him about when she was a little girl and her mother grownded her. I think that story reflects the tale some of us would like to live. Her mother used to tell her to stay in her room and the young Vivian imagined her mother as a bad witch and would wait and wait for her night to come and rescue her.
Maybe every woman, at one point in her life wants to be saved and rescued.

Today, the typicall male/female roles are fading. Of course, it's not like this for everybody, there still are real men and women out there. Woman are always, since centuries ago, trying to be more masculine and maybe this is the cause more and more men put aside their strog biceps to enjoy a warm bath as a lady would do. It's like a wheel where the needs to be practical and ready to operate in this ever running world palys the spinner role. But I don't think that these women, who turn into the man of the couple, really want it. I think men are, sometimes, putting aside their predator side because of simple lazyness, which is, at the same time, caused by the wish of women to be "just like a man".
But lets stop for a moment and think: is it really for our own good?
Of course in the past being a woman was not the best thing that could happen to you but maybe today, we are going to far away. In the end, if both men and women exists in nature, with all our natural differences, then there is a reasone. Everybody has his own role in life and moderation should be best solution.

I believe we should all take control of the situation and live our roles fully and without prejudices.
If you're a can never be a princess but you can definitely be an awsome prince and vice versa! Let's enjoy who we are, of course with our personal touch!

Do you agree with me? Share your thoughts!

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