Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hamburg, tell me about it!

Rudolph is my friend!
 In my last post I said that many men are giving away their predator role. But here is something that definitely tells that this is not the case for everybody!
I spent last semester in Berlin, Germany. While there, some friends and I decided to go for a little get away in Hamburg!
While there we found out a little place that sold really funny stuff, such as some raindeer horns-head band!
But browsing around I also found some little signs and tought "Really????"
I think my expression speaks for it self so I won't add anything!
Women are men's business
But when I saw this one, well, the only thing I could do was LAUGH!

Open for everyone

  I really enjoyed that weekend and talking about I miss them all, especially those who don't study here in Milan with me. 

My friends and I at Hamburg's port
 Summer is coming so, if you are planning a Euro-trip I suggest you take into consideration this German lively city! 
Oh and , I just remembered, don't laugh if you see an "Hamburger Bank" it's a real bank...unfortunately I must say!

xxo Fiammetta

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