Friday, June 17, 2011

The bride maid that wore white!

On April 29, Westminster Abbey, London, has been the setting of the royal wedding of this year of Prince William to Catherine Middleton.
The wedding has raised many gossips, starting from how the 1900 guests were dressed, in particular on women's hats (part of the English tradition).
This wedding has also been the first of a kind since Kate is the first non-royal person to be wedded to an heir of the English Royal throne.
But this is not what I want to talk about in this post. Already to much has been said about it!
The person I'm interested in talking about is Kate's maid of honor: her sister Philippa (27).
She defenitely standed out of the crowd.
Of course she is beautiful just like her older sister is.
Cathrine and Philippa Middleton on the wedding day

 Actually the all Middleton family is goodlooking!

In the front row are, from left, Grace van Cutsem, Eliza Lopes, the Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth II, Margarita Armstrong-Jones, Lady Louise Windsor and William Lowther-Pinkerton. In the back row are, from left, Tom Pettifer, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Prince of Wales, Prince Henry, Michael Middleton, Carole Middleton, James Middleton and Philippa Middleton

 But being gorgeuous is certainly not something she can be found guilty of!

The first thing I noticed when I saw some of the wedding videos was that she was wearing a WHITE dress! I haven't been the only one to notice this of course.
 "Does the bridesmaid or maid of honor wear white?" asked Joy Behar on "The View." "I've never heard of're not supposed to compete with the bride."

Almost everyone was astonished by her choice. "Her dress was so sexy," said Sherri Shepherd on "The View." "I'm going to make sure none of my bridesmaids outshine me. You will be in a freaking muumuu."

 The magazine "People" has actually dedicated
the all front page to Pippa...and not Kate! So maybe she did, at least a little, had an important glow that at some points took some of Kate's lights.

Also, it was not only the coulor but the fact the the back of the dress has been considered way too sexy for the occasion.

Demonstrated by the fact that everyone knows about her nice side B.

David and Victoria on the wedding day
Of course I don't think she had to wear a sack-looking dress as     Victoria Beckham's.
Liz Jones, in her article on the on-line version of the Daily Mail, says about her she looked more as she was going to a funeral rather than a wedding!
Not only the dress, but also her shoes, and their huge plateau, and her pony-tail choice of hair styling, have been object of many stylists' talks.

Also David made a bad choise in wearing the medal. Not only hed wore it but put on wrong side (it should have been on the left!)

Unfortunately, this time the posh couple made very bad style choices, too bad. But I'm sure they'll make up next time!

Being the maid of honor she had many duties to fulfill: carrying the bouquet, organising the party and carrying the train of Kates' dress.
For what concerns the train, I'm not so happy on how she did it and many other think like that. If by any mistake she had to raise it a little more we could have seen the bride's legs, that are not to be seen!!!
Last but not least, etiquette's fans also noticed that she was not wearing gloves.
Maybe Pippa didn't take all these little yet important particulars too seriously. But can you really not think of all these when you go to a royal wedding?

No gloves and way to high raised train!

The question it up to you!
Was Pippa's a lack of princess touch?
Do you think her bad choises are excusable? At least since she did looked gorgeous in it. Or she should have paid more attention to details being her role central in the occasion?

Comment and let me know what you think about it! I would like to hear from some guys of course and see what's their point of view on it!
Is it ok as long as you look good or are there some "rules" to be followed?
Did she really outshined the bride?
Was it too much for the occasion?
Just to let you notice: this post is, again, on Pippa and not on Kate!!!

xxo Fiammetta


  1. Rumors say that the Middleton family is quite ambitious and that the two daughter were raised to marry a prince (eg Kate changed University to be in the same one than William).
    Thus, what I think is that, apart from the train thing, not wearing gloves and wearing a white dress in which see looked gorgeous were intentional mistakes made to show up Pippa.
    Kate was already marring her prince, now Pippa needs one. ;)

  2. I didn't know about all that, wow!
    Then it was all a marketing strategy I guess..And considering the royal wedding Kate's "campaign-investment" must have been a really good one at the time!
    Let's see what that Middletons have in mind for Pippa...there have been many rumors about an hypotetycal flirt between her and Harry..a joint venture with the royals?

  3. This idea of Having To marry well really makes one wonder about the idea most men have of women, i.e. that they are like auditors...examining bank accountsand/or social standing rather than the heart and soul (well, the body would be a nice addition). Two things that come to mind: 1) What was Kate thinking? She saw her sister's dress andhow she looked and she agreed, it was no surprise to her. So that makes me tend to agree with Fede, a marketing strategy! Total lack of taste from the Middleton family and the usual display of "intelligence" on the part of the royal bachelors. Dumb dumb dumb!