Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stefania: a smile that will warm your heart

The first princess I'm gonna tell you about has all the typical characteristics that a princess has in novels: blond hair, blue eyes, tall and of course beautiful!

I noticed and loved her effortless elegance.
I defenitely see a pricess touch in her eyes and the way she observes the world aournd her.
Her blue eyes really tell stories. Her smile reminds me of summer. It definitely lights the night!

I also liked the way she was dressed: simple yet gorgeous.
I noticed she was wearing many different bracelets together, probably all with a different story behind,  and some very big earrings.
This way she garnished, in a young way, a quite plain yet particular top.


Princess details
Name: Stefania
Where: Catania, Italy

xxo princesses

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