Saturday, June 11, 2011

Romeo and Juliet

Juliet and Romeo's balcony scene is with no doubts among the most famous love scenes of all times.
I took this picture last year during a short stay in Verona with my very close friend Alice (yes, just like Alice in wonderland!).
It was Saint Valentine's day and we decided, last minute, to go to the Italian city of love romance. We dedicated the all day to us, having lunch in a classy restaurant, tasting wines at the local wine fair and just walking around the city.
We really enjoyed escaping the big city of Milan, where we both study. The ancient part of Verona is, in fact, quite small, suggestive and romantic of course! You could say:"Why not spending the day with a lover or boyfriend?". We both had one at the time but decided to go against traditions and spend the day with a true friend. But it's also true that we did spend the night with our boyfriends!!!

                                                           Juliet's balcony

                                    Part of the traditional food and local wines fair

                                               My friend Alice and I!

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