Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What is the Princess Touch?

The princess touch is a way of living life. My way of doing it? Not as a snobbish princess but as a stylish, sweet yet focoused girl. I believe there's a princess in every woman. Some may put it aside but when you discover it I truly belive it should be let free to fly.
This blog is meant to show my way of living life with my personal princess touch through the places I discover, the people I meet or simply through my thoughts. In doing so I will try, everytime I have the possibility, to take pictures of what I'm talking about or just imagining!
I'm really looking forward to read your comments and your ways of interpreting the princess touch.
Though I name it "princess touch" this doesn't mean there isn't a "prince touch"! And every time I will have the chance, I will take track of the princes around the world as well. You can bet I won't let them pass by without letting you know about them!
I believe the princess touch is a way of living that never goes out of style; just like that little black dress we all have in our closets! It's just a matter of interpretation but everybody is able to astonish the world with his style. I'm not just talking about clothes or shoes. Style is the way we walk, talk, eat, the way our hands move as well as the way we approch problems. It can be shown through the rebel curl you have rather then the glass of wine you choose.
It's just the way of being who we are.

I look forward to your comments on what you think about it and on how you personally interpret the princess touch ;)

xxo Fiammetta


  1. I've always thought there's nothing really princess-like in me, indeed. Yeah, I mean blue eyes, dark blonde hair, super white skin, but a part from the box I live in, I have never felt one of those puff sleeves and wide long skirt girls, not even once in my life. No dreams of the white dress, no Prince Charming, no white horse, nothing else but nothing. And yet, my way of being fierce and always head-high. My way of seeing beauty through the lens of photography, theatre, high fashion, make-up. Maybe there's a bit of princess touch in me as well, who knows?!

  2. Hi chota!
    What you say it's exactly what I mean when i say that the princess touch can be different in each one of us..otherwise we would all be alike and it wouldn't be as fun!
    I think you perfectly match a princess's not all about pink and fluffiness...i personally don't really like pink!

  3. You're so cute!!!

    ti sto seguendo...!! ;)